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Fungonis Gel

Order Fungonis Gel in case if you worry about the appearance of fungus

The newest anti-fungal biotech product

  • Nearly totally kills all fungi that cause infection

  • Extremely high recovery grade of damaged skin or nail area after full course of Fungonis Gel

  • Made with a complex mix of natural ingredients which eliminate the cause all fungal infection. Minimizes fungus re-emergence.

Fungonis Gel

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We protect all personal data
We protect all personal data

Up to 73% of Europeans have fungus infection problems.
Check yourself. The leading causes of contracting fungus:

  • You have a sedentary lifestyle and live in an extremely moist environment

  • You visit the gym, public swimming pool or spa regularly

  • You suffer from endocrine or vascular diseases; diabetes; have problems with the liver or gastrointestinal tract; have flat feet; have foot deformities

  • You work in agriculture, chemical production, a professional athlete, a soldier, or a construction worker

  • You suffer from a weak immune system (poor nutrition, permanent stress, recurring illness)

  • If you have previous foot or leg injuries, cracks and abrasions in between your toes

  • You get frequent manicures and/or pedicures in a beauty salon

  • You travel a lot

Recogizing fungus:

  • Cracks in between toes (usually between the 1st and 2nd and 4th and 5th toes)

  • Thickening or thinning of the nail

  • Itching and burning

  • Redness and peeling

  • Unusual color and exfoliation of the nail

  • Unpleasant smell from nails

Active ingredients

Silybum Marianum Seed Oil

Silybum marianum (milk thistle) has a healing, hepatoprotective, immunostimulating and tonic effect. Due to its excellent antioxidant properties, milk thistle not only effectively protects the skin from the negative environmental effects, but soothes and moisturizes as well. Vitamin E – rich.

Thymus Vulgaris Flower / Leaf Oil

Thanks to such components of thyme as caryophyllen and camphene, its oil is antiseptic and effectively fights infections on the skin and in the body. Thyme oil protects the skin from harmful bacteria and fungal infections.

Quercus Robur Bark Extract

Oak bark contains from 10 to 20 percent of tannins - astringent compounds that tighten and compress tissues, and therefore are widely used in folk remedies for drying wounds and relieving inflammation of the skin.

Gel Action

Silymarin: strong immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect

Vitamin E: a powerful natural antioxidant

Thyme: effective against skin infections

Benefits of Fungonis Gel

  • Effective biotech formula which destroys the fungus itself and the cause of the fungal infection

  • Extremely high recovery rate of damaged skin or nail area after use

  • Minimizes the re-emergence of the fungus

  • Natural

  • Сertified in all EU countries

  • No contraindications

  • No side effects

  • Suitable for use regardless of allergies

  • The product was not tested on animals. We care about nature

  • Recyclable container. Environmental protection is an important part of our company policy.

  • Decrease leg sweat

  • Nice smell

  • Instructions included.

Regular products:

  • use dangerous chemical ingredients

  • fight only the fungus itself, without removing the causes of infection

  • have contraindications

  • cause side effects

  • effectiveness is not confirmed by scientific tests and certificates

  • are inhumanely tested on animals

Old price 78
New price 39

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Special offer products 100

We protect all personal data

Innovative solution to cure your problem

TThere are multiple factors that may contribute to the high rate of fungal infection recurrence. Even in cases where the infecting fungus has been entirely eradicated by antifungal therapy, a person may still remain at risk for re-infection. People are exposed to fungal danger in many of their day-to-day activities, including going to the gym and increased travel.

The prevalence of fungal infection has been reported to be as high as 23% across Europe and 20% in East Asia. In North America, the incidence of onychomycosis is up to 14%, while fungal infection is responsible for 50% of all nail disease.


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The best prevention is the regular use of prophylactics such as Fungonis Gel, in order to keep your body clean and healthy.


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Old price 78
New price 39

Special offer products 100

We protect all personal data