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Return & Payments

Refund policy

We appreciate every our client. So we will do our best to deal with your situation as soon as possible.

Please read the following information carefully before fill the return form below.


The return form should be filled in details with attached pictures of goods. You’ll find all information regarding your order in the invoice. Please be specific with bank detail as well.


After we receive the return form we’ll arrange refund on your account. NB: it can be transferred only to your bank account, name of the bank account holder must be the same as receiver of the parcel. After we arrange a refund you’ll get a payment confirmation on your account.

You can find out all reasons for the refund in our call center.

Return  Form

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The refund can take up to 20 business days.
Please fill all the information in details for us to be able to solve your situation in the best way.
Name of the bank account holder must be the same as receiver of the parcel.